Starseed Activation

4-week course about activating your psychic abilities and remember your Starseed origin.

                            NATURAL, POWERFUL, LIFECHANGING

                                     REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE !!!

with Aurena Agathe Fohler

Do you want to know more about your past life?

You know there's much more about you but you are not able to access it?

You don't want to depend on hypnosis sessions, past life regressions, or shamanic retreats, etc.

Do you want to be yourself?

Do you want to cleanse your all 7 glands and optimize your immune system 

- all Natural!

Activation of your natural psychic abilities.

#Remember naturally who you are and where you are from.

#This course will not only help you to activate your OWN psychic abilities.

#It will help you to remember your past life's NATURALLy

       #Implant removal

          #activate your Light language (tongue)  

      #realign your DNA strands

#We are going to cleanse your glands, nourish your body and boost your immune system.

#We are bringing your lost soul fragments back into your body (that's the reason, we are going to prepare your body for the integration) - so you can and will feel more complete and in peace with yourself.

Here on earth, It's much easier to support your soul mission here on earth for the collective If you know (feel/see) who you are.

You are a Starseed if you read this 😉

What's a Starseed?

A soul incarnating from other stars, here on earth to support the transition from 3D to 5D

You feel different.

You are different.

You are unique.

And the world needs you. 😍

                   !!!    NATURAL,        POWERFUL,                                                                              LIFECHANGING !!!                                                                                                      REMEMBER WHO....... YOU ARE !!!!!!

Course Details:

Every Monday you will get all information for the entire week

1× video

1x Playlist

1x Meditation

Please watch the video

Please listen to the Meditation every Tuesday before you go to bed (that's when I personally work with you- remote)

We are starting the health detox plan in the 1st week.

Starting with the health detox plan

Week 1

Implant /spell/curses removal

Removing blockages from your body

(Implants explained in the video Playlist you will receive)

Week 2

DNA activation

We are realigning up to 13 strands

That will help you to live your full potential

Week 3

All is Frequency

Holy geometry - the holy grail

All knowledge is stored within your spine

We are creating a connection to access your wisdom and old knowledge

Week 4

Intergalactic past life Meditation

You will remember your past life's and connect with your Starseed origin

Extra bonus

Starseed origin reading

for $55,55 instead of $66,66

It's a natal chart calculation from where you are

And where you have been incarnated before coming to earth 🌍

(TOTAL VALUE: $999.99)

TODAY'S PRICE: $277,77

Are You Ready For